Friday, June 3, 2016


I've had sex with a number of women who were feminists. I'm not talking those women who are feminists in name only. These were tough, outspoken women. They demanded equality. They spoke out against rape. They supported abortion rights. They were feminists. And I had sex with them. If the tired old myth that feminists hate men were true, then these feminists had an odd way of showing it. If the fact that they occasionally got on top was supposed to mean they were dominating me, then dominate me, baby. Years ago, a friend gave me a T-shirt that said "A Man of Quality is not afraid of a Woman for Equality." I wore the shirt until it was a rag. I don't think giving a woman equal rights and equal pay is bad for men. I am not afraid of competing against them in the work place. I have faith in my talent and drive. I also have faith in the talent and drive of female co-workers. I don't have a problem working with a female supervisor. I believe there are some women who hate men. They are not feminists. Nor are they lesbians. They're most likely women who were abused by men. Feminists include mothers, wives, girlfriends, sisters, and friends. We should pay them equally. Seriously. We can start with the ones I have sex with.