Saturday, August 22, 2015

Meet the enemy

Smug. Arrogant. Intolerable. Stubborn. Prejudiced. Has no understanding of the other side and makes no effort to understand. Elitist. Uneducated. Too educated. Out of touch. Just plain wrong. Can you guess who used these descriptions to describe the opposition? Was it Liberal or Conservative? Democrat or Republican? Black or White? Doesn’t matter which one you choose because you’re right either way. I have seen these words used to describe both sides. We view each other with the same assumptions. I was reminded of the classic Pogo saying, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” We are our own worst enemy. We divide ourselves. Worse, we dehumanize each other. I watch politicians play a version of capture the flag and their only goal is to win. They aren’t public servants. They have no grand goals to lead their country. They only want us to rile us up enough to get re-elected. All the posturing is done to ensure job security. We have made compromise a dirty word. If you even concede a point then you’ve lost the argument and we all want to win the argument. I have no idea what we win. A chance to feel smug?