Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Forget, Hell!

Having grown up in the South, I suppose I should weigh in on the controversy surrounding the Confederate flag. For me the most representative image of the side that supports the flag is the Rebel soldier holding the Confederate flag saying "Forget Hell!" More commonly I saw it spelled "Fergit? Hell!" Growing up with that image, it was years before I understood what it meant. The South felt the North was telling them to get over their loss and move on. The South had no intention of moving on. It has here that I got a bit confused. The South wanted to remember that they lost the war? As I got older, I understood why. The South doesn't want to stop arguing about the war. They still believe they were justified for going to war and should have won. They were wronged by the North. If ever I saw a couple in need of marriage therapy, its the North and the South. There is hatred involved. Hatred caused by the shame of losing. That's the southern heritage. But getting back to the flag. I think anyone who wants to have a Confederate flag should have one or two or a million. They should be free to paint it on the side of their house if they want to. I feel the same way about the Nazi swastika. Buy a Nazi flag if you want one. I will hate you and despise you for doing so, but that's your business. If you put it on your business, then I won't buy from you. Same with the Confederate flag. If you have it on your place of business, then I won't buy from you. If you have enough customers to where losing my business doesn't matter then you won't care. If you live in a small town of like minded people that's fine. If you live in a larger city then it will be a problem. That's the other thing. Most of the people who support the flag live in isolated areas. They don't have to deal directly with the world at large. Its kind of like living in a cave or under a rock. If that's where you feel safe then so be it. Where I do object to the flag is when it is put up by the representatives of the United States of America government. Why in the hell would the U.S.A. fly the flag of their enemy? Here again, we might as well put up a Nazi flag while we're at it. We defeated them too. If you say, well the South was part of America before and rejoined. But the Confederacy declared war on the United States of America. Keep the flag off government buildings. That's one very good reason. Another good reason is because the flags we fly over government buildings should represent all the people of that state and our country. The Confederate flag doesn't represent all the people of the South. It is not the heritage of all the people of the South. It's certainly not my heritage. My grandfather was the first of my family to come to America in the early 1900s. The Civil War was over. My family didn't own slaves or fight for farming rights or any of that. My grandfather came here for freedom and to escape tyranny. The South claims that's what they were fighting for, but then that whole slavery thing busts that argument to hell. When it comes to Forget Hell! I don't forget the slavery part. So fly your flag, but keep it to yourself. Show respect for the rest of the South.

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