Saturday, August 2, 2014

Reasons why Jews are the best

1. The people in the Jewish Bible are so popular, they appear in other religions' bibles.

2. Jews can turn a circumcision into a party.

3. Jews have made suffering an art form.

4. Haters be hatin' because Jews be God's Playas.

5. Jews can make that phlegmy "ch" sound which is almost as cool as Latin people's rolling "r" sound.

6. Jews invented the Bagel, the single greatest bread product in the world.

7. Jews don't recruit. If you aren't born into the religion, you have to take a test to join.

8. Jews wrote the Ten Commandments.

9. Some of their members have gone on to become deities.

10. Jews agree to disagree with themselves.

11. Jews don't take themselves seriously, except when they do.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Happy Birthday April

Happy 40th Birthday April.