Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Let’s pretend that we need guns for the reasons we say we need them.

I’m not against gun ownership. I’m not against someone owning a gun for protection, hunting, or target practice. It’s when people cite Second Amendment whenever the subject of gun responsibility is dared mentioned that I become frustrated. They yell Second Amendment and no more discussion is allowed.

If I understand this correctly, the intention here is to own as many guns as possible in case America becomes an evil dictatorship and the citizens must rise up against the government in the name of freedom.

Okay, let’s say that happens. An evil dictator has taken control of America. Don’t insult me by saying Obama has already done it. The right has labeled him with so many conflicting titles: weak, overreaching, communist, socialist, Muslim, racist, etc. etc. etc. All I hear is white Republicans bitching about having a black Democrat president. No, let’s say we get a real dictator in charge. It’s up to the American people to overthrow him.

Who do we fight to regain our freedom? The American Armed Forces, of course. You know, our troops, the guys we’re always supporting. They’re trained to not ask questions, but to follow orders no matter who is in charge. You might argue that they are our sons and daughters and would never fight against their families. Where do you think the soldiers in repressive countries come from? They aren’t shipped in by mail order.

And we’re not talking about any armed forces. We’re talking about the biggest military in all history. A military that gets more money to buy bigger and more sophisticated death delivering toys than all nations combined. I don’t care how many guns we buy or how powerful, the military always keeps the best stuff for themselves. A well-armed civilian militia wouldn’t last a day against the U.S. Armed Forces.

If that weren’t bad enough, the same people who yell Second Amendment every time anyone mentions responsible gun ownership are the same people who freak out every time anyone mentions scaling back even a tiny bit on the gushing money spigot to the Pentagon. In other words, the people who claim they need their guns to defend themselves against the American government are the same people who make sure the American government has enough firepower to crush them.

I don’t think the American government wants to take away your guns. They also don’t want to take away our cars. They don’t make us get a driver’s license so that we can’t drive. Nor do they build transit systems to prevent you from owning a car. The second amendment also mentions “a well regulated militia” not a bunch of gun nuts who refuse to accept responsibility for their firearms.

All gun control people are asking is that gun owners be responsible. Using the Constitution as an argument is in my mind an admission that gun owners know they are being irresponsible. I’d like to see a study to find out how many gun owners are also bad drivers without car insurance. They probably don’t think they need insurance. They’re absolutely certain that they know what they’re doing and the real problem is all the other drivers on the road who keep getting in their way. Sure such thoughts are a dangerous fantasy. But so is the one about defending their freedom against the American government. There are more responsible ways to drive and there are more responsible ways to stay free and there are definitely more responsible ways to own guns.