Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Monica Made Me Blue

Recently, Senator Rand Paul accused former President Bill Clinton of “predatory behavior” by having sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky. His point in bringing up this old scandal was to cast doubts on a Hillary Clinton presidency. How could we feel comfortable with Hillary in the White House with Bill the predator on the loose? I suspect Hillary chose to stand by Bill and fight to preserve their marriage for reasons more political than personal. It’s such a common stance taken by the politicians’ wives that it’s become a stereotype.
            Despite the reason why Hillary stuck with Bill, the point is she stuck by her man and Rand Paul is attempting to gain political points against her for doing so. He’s basically blaming the victim. And Republicans wonder why they can’t connect with women?
            In a way, I’m glad Rand Paul brought up the Lewinsky Scandal. It reminds me of why I began to support the Democratic Party. Before Bill Clinton became president, I didn’t pay much attention to politics other than to be disgusted with the entire system. If Richard Nixon taught us anything, it was to never ever trust the people who claim to be “public servants” especially those at the top of the political food chain.
            Despite my distaste, I always voted. The way I saw it, you couldn’t complain about our leaders if you didn’t cast your vote. But I refused to pick a party. For one thing, there weren’t enough to choose from. Red or Blue? That’s no choice. I refused to support one party. I called myself an independent. I was just as likely to vote Republican or Democrat, depending on the candidate I thought would at least attempt to do good things for the country.
            I voted for Clinton. I believed that he really did feel our pain. When he got into office, he tried to make good on his promises.
            But then came the Whitewater investigation. If the Clintons had done something illegal back when Bill was governor of Arkansas, then I felt it definitely needed to be fully investigated. And was it ever investigated. The legal maneuvering went on forever and the Clintons kept slipping loose. This also seemed stereotypical of most political scandals.
            And then Kenneth Star signed on. When he couldn’t find anything on Whitewater, he went fishing for anything he could get on Clinton. He spent years and over 30 million dollars to finally find an intern who’d given the president a blowjob and then he managed to get the president into lying about it under oath.
            I’m sorry but what did Lewinsky have to do with Whitewater? Starr gave some bullshit excuse about there had to be some kind of illegal behavior and he was duly bound to uncover it. Give me 30 million dollars and unlimited time and power and I’ll dig up dirt on Mother Teresa. In other words, with enough resources and determination, you can get anybody for something. But what the hell did it have to do with the original intent of the investigation? Where was the connection with Whitewater?
            There was none, so why did it happen? So that the Republicans could get Clinton on something. Anything. They didn’t care about the office of the president. They didn’t care about the damage and the cost to the country. They just wanted to score a political victory against their opponent.
That scorched earth mentality is what made me forever distrust the Republican Party. I believe they should never be trusted. Their leaders should be hounded over the most minor of details. Their policies should always be blocked. With my one small vote, I will always vote against them. If that was their plan all along, to turn people like me against them permanently and to turn us into Democrats, then job well done.
I have a conservative co-worker who once explained to me why Bill was rightfully impeached. It took him ten minutes to explain the legal reasons. When I asked what it had to do with Whitewater, he refused to answer. And when I asked him to explain the legal reason why the Supreme Court voted to deny the voters of Florida to have their votes counted in the presidential election that gave George Bush his victory, he also refused to answer. He was gleeful about catching Bill in perjury and downright disdainful when discussing how the election was stolen. He to me is the typical Republican. May his party to never have one of their own sit in the White House again.
I’m kind of glad Rand Paul brought up the Lewinsky Scandal. He reminded me of why I’m blue.