Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What's up with Colorado?

Drought. Beetles. Wild fires. They sound like biblical plagues and they're all happening to Colorado. Evangelical Pat Robertson said in 1998 that God would strike Florida with hurricanes, earthquakes and maybe go so far as fling a meteor at the state for allowing Gay Pride celebrations. He and Jerry Falwell suggested that liberals, feminists, and abortionists encouraged God to allow the 9/11 terrorist attack to happen.

So what did Colorado do to piss off God? And more importantly, why hasn't Pat Robertson or some other outspoken evangelical explained why parts of Colorado looks like the pits of hell? The Westboro Baptist Church doesn't count because they blame everybody for everything.

I wonder if the reason Pat Robertson hasn't claimed Colorado's predicament as God's punishment has anything to do with Robertson's recent support for Colorado's attempts at legalizing marijuana. Making the devil weed legal might warrant some heavenly retribution, but Robertson can't call them out for it.

I would say that if Robertson got hit by lightning or devoured by beetles, then that would be proof that God was angry with him for siding with the Colorado heathens, but I couldn't be sure if God did it because He just got tired of Robertson speaking smack in His name.

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