Wednesday, April 3, 2013

North Carolina wants to be first in the march toward a Christian Nation

There is a proposal in North Carolina that would allow the state to make Christianity the official state religion. I pray that the proposal is defeated. Though their reasoning is that they politicians want to be free to mention Jesus in their opening prayers and as a way to afford Obamacare, it could set a terrible precedent for like-minded states.

Making one religion the official religion is in direct violation of the First Amendment. North Carolina Republicans are presenting the proposal as a states rights issue, but there are times when politician overstep the bounds of sanity and this is one of them.

UPDATE: Cooler heads dead prevail in North Carolina. The proposal was defeated and officials even apologized for the embarrassment it brought their state. The Republican who presented the proposal claims it was poorly written. He said he wasn't trying to establish a state religion, he just wanted permission to pray specifically to Jesus in the pre-session prayer. Well, that's part of the point. If you give special attention to one religion as part of your judicial proceedings and that would include the prayer at the beginning, then you are breaking the First Amendment.

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