Saturday, February 9, 2013

God's Laws vs. Man's Laws

Biblical Law is seen by Fundamentalists as a way to inject Judeo-Christian moral values into our society by replacing Man’s laws with God’s laws. Really? Are we really ready to make the Ten Commandments the law of the land? Has no one considered the consequences?

Let’s start with Adultery. You make that a crime and you’re looking at a whole bunch of politicians facing hard time.

What would be the punishment for taking the Lord’s name in vain? My guess is that it would be a misdemeanor with a fine based on how you took His name in vain. Maybe say $100 for every “God damn it” and $500 for something really offensive like “Jesus H. Fucking Christ on a stick!”

Let’s not even go into making idols. What don’t we make into idols? Yes, this is where the American Idol comment should go, but I know you probably already thought of a good one, so why should I try to top it?

My favorite is the First Commandment: Thou Shall Have No Other Gods Before ME! This to me is the basis of the covenant between Man and God. God is saying that you go straight to the source for enlightenment. No middle men. And though we were created in His image, we have to take on faith that He is there for us and we are here for Him even though we have never seen his face. Simple and to the point. But then the Christian religion throws in Jesus. Isn’t that putting someone before God? You can try to explain that it isn’t breaking the first commandment because of the Trinity and that Jesus really is God and His Son and that the carnal mind will only truly understand this paradox in the Kingdom and and and…

But let’s be honest here. Jesus is a God placed before God and for the literal minded “persons of faith” who say that if it’s in the Bible than it’s true and not open to interpretation, then you are breaking the First Commandment. If we added Biblical Law to our judicial system, what would be the punishment for that?

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