Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Church or Charity

What is it about Costco that makes people so mean. Shoppers at Costco are pleasant enough as they hoist enough toilet paper to last a year and enough salmon to feed an army into their oversized shopping carts. Maybe it’s the acquisition of such bounty that causes these same pleasant people to become entitled dicks at the checkout line. They can’t get out of the store fast enough. But since everybody in the store is buying huge amounts of stuff, checkout naturally takes longer. I have never heard such self righteous whining outside of a Tea Party rally.

Costco has a receipt checker at the exit. So once you get through the checkout line, there is another line to wait through. That line moves fairly quickly. The checker goes through the purchases as efficiently as he can.

My wife and I were standing in line for the receipt checker who was taking a little longer than usual because he was dealing with an elderly man in motorized wheelchair. The old man was a bit confused and the checker had to take more time to make sure everything was in order. No big deal.

Behind us, a woman loudly complained, “Hurry up! I have to get to church!”

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