Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Steaming Heathen

Here is artwork I did when I was a teenager. It's actually quite embarrassing but I felt the need to share. I was into cosmic stuff back then. I'm happy to report its a phase that I outgrew.

I did this one for art class. It's a print from a plexiglass etching.

I occasionally did "cosmic" versions of my friends. This was my girlfriend's best friend, Jessica. I don't know if I ever showed it to her.

Random doodles. I have no recollection of what "RADAD MADNESS" is supposed to be. Maybe I meant radar madness, which doesn't make any more sense.

More random doodling. I rather like how the woman's face turned out.

I was always working on some comic book idea that rarely made it past two or three pages. This one only made it as far as this one page. You can see how Barry Windsor Smith influenced me back then. I love the caption, "The steaming heathen lifted him into the air and hurled him into space." Now that's writing!

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jessica said...

I love the last one.