Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tales of the Flying Biscuit

Biscuit, our rapidly growing kitten, had his first kill this past weekend. Sure, he'd caught and eaten a variety of bugs, but nothing of substance. His chosen prey was a sparrow. Rather than show a photo of the adorable bird that he actually killed, I put this photo of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow instead.

I was in my office when I heard a bird screeching inside the house. At first, I thought Alice, our older and much more experienced hunter, had brought in the bird. But then, I found Alice and Biscuit in master bath. Alice was staring at the sparrow in Biscuit's mouth and Biscuit was growling at Alice. This was his bird, damn it. Go get your own.

Biscuit took the sparrow into the bathtub to play with it. I was thankful for that. No matter how this thing ended, there was going to be a lot of feathers flying around and having the bird in the bath would kept the feathers from spreading all over the house.

I grabbed a rag. My intention was to wrap the rag around the bird and then force Biscuit's mouth open. Then I would take the bird outside and set him free. He would have a grand story to tell the other sparrows when he got home. But I was too late. By the time I got the rag on the bird, Biscuit had already killed it. I put the sparrow in the woods while Biscuit searched the bathtub for his lost prey. And even though Biscuit didn't get a chance to play with his bird and eat it too, he had proudly made his first kill.

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jessica said...

Like I said, it was his bird mitzvah. Or, as you said, he earned his stripes. Good thing, since he was already wearing them.

Here's to that being the only indoor bird.