Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rubber Biscuit

Time for another cute kitten update. Biscuit is three months old now. He’s growing fast. He still purrs a lot. We like that about him.

Our other two cats, Alice and Frances, have stopped smacking him in anger. Alice has stopped hissing at him. In fact, Alice finally figured out that Biscuit is more fun to play with than Frances, since Frances outgrew playing years ago.

I put a cat bed on my desk and he took to it right away. He naps while I work.

Things Biscuit likes to play with:
Pipe Cleaners
Fuzzy Cat Toys with Fuzzy Tails
The Stick with Feathers and a Felt Ladybug
A Broken Shoelace
My shoes (with or without my feet in them)

Exciting Things Biscuit has experienced recently:
Wearing a Collar
Playing in the Yard
Baby Food (it’s for old Frances, but he had to try it too)

Soon we will get Biscuit a name tag to go on his collar. Then we will let him go outside without us watching him. However, even if we don’t go with him, he will be supervised. Alice has taken it upon herself to stay near him when he’s outside. It’s obvious that she’s making sure he’s okay.


jessica said...

Alice looks evil!

Mickey Dubrow said...

She's very good at looking evil. She's not very good at actually being evil, but she has the look down.