Saturday, December 25, 2010

Biscuit Rising

We have a new kitten. We named him Biscuit. He’s an orange tabby who is more beige than orange. He’s only been with us for a few days, but he is rapidly taking over the place.

His biggest task, after figuring out where to eat and crap, is how to win over the two adult female cats who weren’t exactly thrilled about the new addition to the feline community.

The oldest female, Francis, who is nineteen, smacked Biscuit on the head a few times, ate his food, and drank from his water dish just to let him know who’s the boss. Since then, she has mainly ignored his presence. She has been here the longest and has already seen a number of other cats come and go, so a new cat is something she’s learned to deal with.

Alice, the four year old, is having a much harder time accepting the new kid. She was the darling baby until he arrived and she’s not happy at the prospect of being treated as a middle child. She growled and swatted Biscuit when he came around her. She avoided us as well as him. But she is slowly coming around. I think she realized that Biscuit wasn’t leaving despite repeated complaints to management.

However, even emotional Alice is starting to become fascinated by Biscuit. It finally dawned on her that here was something new to play with. She’s much bigger and stronger, so they are slowly negotiating how to play together.

Overall, for a kitten that has only been in a new environment for less than a week, we are quite impressed by Biscuit and look forward to his future endeavors.


Kate said...

LOVE it! They'll all be on the same team soon enough even if strict understandings ensue...

Mickey Dubrow said...

It's already starting to happen.

You're doing a wonderful thing taking in homeless cats and finding them homes. Biscuit has been a great addition to the feline community in our home.