Monday, November 1, 2010

Death Metal Band Names

I happen to notice some of the names for Death Metal bands. They're purposely depressing and aggressive, reflecting the doom and destruction in their music. Their names inspired me to come up with this game. Below are a list of Death Metal Band Names. Most of them are real, but a few were made up by me. See if you can guess which ones aren't actual band names. There is no prize for getting it right, just to the joy of playing the game.

1. Dying Fetus
2. Death Angel
3. Mass Burial
4. Decrepit Birth
5. Masochistic Cherry
6. Burden of Grief
7. Misery Speaks
8. Eternal Suffering
9. Venemous Concept
10. Cerebral Bone
11. Mother’s Disappointment
12. Hail of Bullets
13. Autopsy
14. Dawn of Ashes
15. My Little Antichrist
16. Crest of Darkness
17. Arch Enemy
18. Lord of Hate
19. Enemy of the Sun
20. Coldplay

(The made up names are numbers 5, 11 and 15. Number 20 was a trick question. Though their music has been know to cause extreme levels of agitation bordering on psychotic rage in some listeners, they are not technically a Death Metal band.)

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