Monday, October 11, 2010

Dr. Jimmy 65

This strip caused me all kinds of tsuris. The editor objected to the line in panel two that reads "and that's to get laid" and changed it, without my knowledge, to "and that's to get woman." I thought his version was more insulting than mine. We argued about it and he told me that my strip was only appropriate to appear in Hustler Magazine and not the respectable Daily Beacon. I argued back that Hustler would never take my strip because it wasn't near disgusting enough for their standards and the Beacon is a college fucking newspaper where we're supposed to air outlandish ideas and perhaps we could settle this out in the parking lot. Yeah, I challenged him to a fight because I was high and stupid. Though the editor and I didn't go out to the parking lot, I could tell that my troubles with him were just beginning.

I also ran into some minor trouble because of the last panel. All of the graffiti on the bathroom wall referred to people I knew. Most of them were friends who got a kick out of seeing their name in the strip, but the "B. Comer can't spell" was a direct reference to the guy who did the other comic strip in the Beacon. What I wanted to write was B. Comer can't draw, but I felt it was less insulting to just point out that he his strip was full of misspellings. He didn't appreciate the slight and ended up making fun of me in his strip, so I guess we were even.

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