Friday, September 24, 2010

Good use of blacks

My college newspaper entered my strip "Dr. Jimmy" into the Tennessee Collegiate Press Association's annual award competition. All of the staffers went to the awards show. I wasn't invited to come along because I wasn't a staff member. Before they left, I told them to just bring me back the first prize. I remember one staffer being especially astounded by my statement.

"That's awfully arrogant of you to assume you're going to win first prize," she said.

"It's not arrogance," I said. "I just can't believe anyone in the state of Tennessee is working as hard on their comic strip as I am." Which was true, but I also said I was sure I'd win first prize because I thought I was the best. She was right. I was arrogant about my strip to the point of being a total dick about it.

When the staffers got back from the awards show, the same woman who called me out for being arrogant was the one who had to give me my first place award certificate. I did win first place. She was not happy I was right. She tossed the certificate at me with great disdain.

"Did the judges say anything about my strip?" I asked.

"Only one judge commented on it," she replied. "She liked how you filled up a lot of space with black, which nobody else seemed willing to do."

So there you have it. I won first place because I made good use of black in empty spaces.

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