Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jekyll Island sketches

Spent a lovely week with J on Jekyll Island. Along with some nice sketches, picked up some nice bits of conversation.

A child to his father: "I've been goood, daddy."

A boy on the beach: "It's a vertebrate! Can I take it home?"

J and I went on a turtle walk. The group we went on the guided tour with including many girl scouts. After the tour, we were walking back from the beach and hit soft sand which was very hard to walk in. The pavilion steps had a railing which we clung to, including one young girl scout who exclaimed, "I know I'm young, but I need the railing Good Lord!"

J and I were walking along the beach when a man passing by greeted us with a big friendly hello. We said hello back and had walked by him, but then he called back to us. He said, "Hey, I'm from Tuscaloosa and next time I see you I'll get you a better looking cap." I got the joke right away. I was wearing a University of Tennessee baseball cap and by saying he was from Tuscaloosa, he was indicating that he was a University of Alabama fan. One of Bama's biggest rivals is Tennessee. It was a delightful jab. I laughed and we slapped hands before going our separate ways.


Rick said...

Like your line sketches of Jekyll Island scenes. Seems to capture the "ambiance of place".

Mickey Dubrow said...

Thank you, Rick. Coming from someone who lives there, that's quite a compliment.