Sunday, April 4, 2010

More Sketchy Time

Along with sketches, quick bits of conversation that I picked up.
I was sitting in an open air mall and two guys and a girl sat down next to me. One of the guys did most of the talking.I'm going to call him Demetrius.
Here is part of what Demetrius said.
Demetrius: "She said to me, I need somebody to take care of me. I told her, I'm getting my own place next week. I'm letting my brother move in, so you COULD have had a place to live. You and your kids."
A little later, an old man walked by with a three-legged dog. The dog was missing one of his front legs, so he had to hop along. The dog stopped and sat down. The old man tugged on the leash. The dog didn't move. The old man tugged again and the dog laid down. The old man puffed on his cigarette and waited a while longer. Then he tugged on the leash again and this time, the dog got up and started hopping again.
After they were gone, Demetrius said: "That three legged dog probably got more heart than any other dog."


info said...

What a great example of just letting the story tell itself. I feel sorry for that three-legged dog.

By the way, I love the sketches. The lined paper adds a certain something that just makes it work forme.

Mickey Dubrow said...

Thank you. I like the lined paper too because it reminds of doodling in class when I was supposed to be taking notes.