Thursday, December 31, 2009

South Beach sketches, part two

More sketches from our Miami Beach vacation. I screwed up a little bit on the last drawing, the one of Jessica sleeping. I was trying to show the part of the bedsheet that was covering her mouth, but it ended up looking like I was drawing her frowning.

South Beach sketches, part one

We just got back from a short vacation in Miami Beach, South Beach to be exact, and here are some of the drawings I did in my sketchbook.

On the first sketch where I put the info in word balloons, I'm reminded of when I was taking a drawing class in college and I put a word balloon on my drawing of a bull's skull(I had the skull say, "ooh, my nose hurts") and the art teacher was furious with me and told me to never ever do that again.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wrestling Action Comics part three

Here are the last two pages from Wrestling Action Comics.

Wrestling Action Comics part two

Wrestling Action Comics part one

I did this comix zine about 17 years ago. I can't get all the pages on one posting, so I will break it up. Here is part one.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

English Countryside

I have this dream project. To have a genuine American country music band do an album of country songs that were originally written and performed by British rock n’ roll bands. The British artists wouldn’t necessarily have to be rock n’ rollers. The main criteria is that they be from England (Ireland and Scotland are acceptable as well) and be known for some form of music besides country music. I would call the album “English Countryside.”

I got the idea when I began to think of how many popular British bands did a country tune on at least one of their albums. Some, like the Rolling Stones and the Beatles, have done a few.

Seeing as how I can’t play a musical instrument, don’t know any country music bands well enough to approach with this idea, and have no way to bankroll such a project myself, I’m sure it will remain a dream.

Instead, I have put together a partial list of the songs that would go on “English Countryside.” I would prefer to have at least twelve songs for a complete album, but only came up with six so far. I decided there should only be one song per band so even if a British band did many country songs, I only put one of their songs on my list.

Here is my album listing (so far) for “English Countryside”:

“Don’t Pass Me By”
The Beatles

“Far Away Eyes:
The Rolling Stones

“Has Anybody Here Seen Hank?”
The Waterboys

“Different Finger”
Elvis Costello

“Country Comfort”
Elton John

“Muswell Hillbilly”
“The Kinks”