Thursday, September 3, 2009

Attack of the Hungry Hungry Caterpillars

Came upon this horde of caterpillars devouring a leaf in my yard. Kinda creepy and kinda cool at the same time.

You can click on the photo for a really close look at the little buggers.


jessica handler said...

That is a fantastic photograph! Glad I woke up in time to go outside and actually see the amazing caterpillar attack, including the HUGE ones.

The photo is arty-smarty gorgeous. And creepy. Did you hear them CHEWING?

Sparkle Plenty said...

Arty-smarty gorgeous AND creepy is 100% correct!

Mickey Dubrow said...

Turned out, these were the little guys. At first, I didn't notice that the rest of the bush they were eating had more caterpillars on them and the others were much bigger. Plus the bush next to this one was already stripped clean.