Saturday, July 18, 2009

Haulin' Hummus

I was in traffic behind a dump truck and noticed that it had writing in the different square indentions on the back. One square had the name of the company the truck belonged to and four of the squares listed the types of material the truck could haul and dump. The materials were: Sand, Dirt, Gravel, and Hummus.

Hummus? I never realized it was transported by the truck full. I'd much rather be behind a truck full of hummus than sand or gravel. If some of it fell off, it would be less damaging to my car. I can just wipe it off with some pita bread.

Then I realized I had misread the word. It was Humus, the black soil. That wasn't near as cool as a dump truck full of ground chickpea dip.

(I found the photo of the dump truck on the U.S. Farmer website. It was submitted by "RedMan.")


Mimi Handler said...

Very funny. Pita bread, like handi-wipes, could be kept in a plastic container in the car for just such emergencies. Or snacks.

Trolling through previous posts, I noticed the Greek Restaurant sketch again; looks exactly like a (Greek) woman I know. Same skeptical stare.
Also bears a resemblance to your signature cat sketch. Ed? Didn't know he was Greek.

Mickey Dubrow said...

Ed does get that same wide eye stare when it's dinner time.