Sunday, June 21, 2009

More June 2009 sketches

More sketches from June travels. There is one in the middle that comes with a story, the one of the man sleeping at LGA. I was at the airport waiting for my flight and sketching the other waiting passengers when I realized that the man sitting next to me was looking over my shoulder. Now one big rule for me when I do sketches and is to try and make sure that no one else notices. But this guy caught me. He asked to see the sketch I was working on and I let him see it. We discussed sketching versus taking photos (his preferred method) and I said that the sketches were only impressions and were not meant to be accurate. Then the guy said to me, "Hey, you missed his lapel pin." I thought about repeating that the sketches aren't photos and accuracy is not important, but instead, I drew in a small square on the sleeping man's lapel just to make the guy go away.

1 comment:

jessica handler said...

Go away, annoying meticulous not-drawing man!

I [heart] these. Precisely because they are impressions. By you.

Would like to have seen Redford's, though, just for fun.