Sunday, June 21, 2009

June 2009 Sketches

Some sketches done while traveling in June. The last sketch, the one of Robert Redford, has a story that goes with it. I went to New York for Promax, which is a convention for people in broadcast media who do promotions and marketing. Every year, Promax gets one big name person to come speak. This year it was Robert Redford. Instead of giving a speech, Redford was on stage with an interviewer and they had a "conversation." During the conversation, Redford mentioned that he had been an artist before he became an actor. I didn't know this. When it came time for questions from the audience, a woman asked Redford if he still did artwork. He said that did some but his main artistic expression was sketching people when he traveled. He said this minutes after I did the sketch of him. Did I feel a special bond with Mr. Redford? Not really, but it's nice to know that he and I share a creative outlet.

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