Saturday, May 23, 2009

Little Known Biblical Fact No. 9

Putting Jonah in the belly of a whale was actually God's last resort to get Jonah to do his bidding after unsuccessfully putting Jonah in the bellies of other animals, including:

The belly of a manatee

The belly of an elephant

The belly of a moose

The belly of Mrs. Goldstein


jessica handler said...

OMG, I just choked on my lunch. This is hysterical!

Mickey Dubrow said...

Who knew Jonah got around so much?

Maggie May said...

ackah!!! this is awesome. being pregnant i have a special appreciation. i like your page, hello.

Mickey Dubrow said...

Thank you, Maggie. I checked out your blog. Great stuff.

Sparkle Plenty said...

Howdy! Hilarious! In fact, thanks hugely for the many chortles your posts have given me over the past week or so. VERY helpful as I've been besieged by a tragic pup with a broken tuchus and haunted, Dondi eyes.

Here's the freshly relaunched Web site your article is on. Finally. Your story has resulted in the creation of a new "Time Travel" category:

I didn't change much and will be putting up Part II soon. If you feel like sharin' other travel-related stuff, lemme know? AND THANKS!!! Now I can go back to normally commenting on your posts and not skulking around!

Mickey Dubrow said...

Sparkle. This is the second time this week that I saw a reference to pets and Dondi. How odd. Sorry to hear about your dog. It's so sad when they're suffering.

Serendipity Jones looks great! I am honored to be included. I would love to be included again and when I have something, I will arrange to send it to you.

Sparkle Plenty said...

Thanks, MD! She's much better, actually, and has started wearing her Elizabethan Collar with a raffish air. Thanks re: the SJ!!! Please do be in touch when you gots somethin'. Am hoping to put up videos w/your music selections.