Saturday, April 11, 2009

My First Sketch Pad

These sketches are from my first sketch pad of people and places I've been. I started in 1999 during a trip to London I took with my wife and mother-in-law. I bought a 159 x 102mm ruled page notebook and a fine point felt tip pen when I got there to make notes on the places we were visiting. However, while sitting outside the Tower of London, I started drawing the tourists instead. Since then, taking a small notepad and pen to draw people when I go out has become an obsession and I have a overflowing bowl of full notepads now. My first sketch pad has my first drawing of my wife sleeping. She hates to get up in the morning so to kill time until she wakes up, I drew her asleep. Sleeping Jessica has become sort of a minor theme in my sketch pads. I also learned on this sketch pad not to draw on both sides of the page because the ink will seep through and leave ghost images on the other side. Now, I only draw on one side, but you will see a few ghost images in these drawings.

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jessica handler said...

Oh, I remember that first one now! I'd forgotten that you started this method of recording on that trip.

I love that you do this, and I like the craft aspect of the post, about the materials selection.