Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Another List


To get to the other side

He didn’t want to get his sandals wet

To impress the ladies

Because it was a wicked awesome thing to do

Because moonwalking on water is so passé

To win a bet

He’d already walked on everything else

Because he didn’t know how to swim

He thought he was walking on sunshine (and didn’t it feel good!)

He wanted to be the first one to greet the bacon boat. Jesus loves bacon.


Sparkle Plenty said...

HA! Jesus DOES love bacon!

(Dig this upcoming smooth transition.)

What I love is: "Victims of their Environments" and "Mighty Jewish." Both made me laugh very hard and I meant to come back and leave comments.

Mickey Dubrow said...

I got Jesus loves bacon from you, yet I didn't give you proper credit until now.

jessica handler said...

Gah, the bacon boat. What a freaky image.

I like the Katrina and the Waves joke.

I like all of these. You crack me up. Good thing I live with you and get these to myself first!