Sunday, March 15, 2009

What I've been reading

The back of the cereal box
(how do they get so many essential vitamins into such a small sugar-coated corn flake?)

Whatever book and/or magazine happens to be in the bathroom

News headlines on my Yahoo homepage
(WTF is this world coming to?)

All my friend’s facebook pages while never adding a damn thing to my own because I can never think of a clever activity that I is doing.

The cartoon caption contest on the last page of The New Yorker
(which always makes me ask myself, why didn’t I think of that?)


A book

The list of possible side effects that came with my thyroid medication


Sparkle Plenty said...

Mickey, m'man: Don't read the list o' side effects. In my experience, when one reads the list o' side effects one gets the list o' side effects. I am waiting for just one positive side effect to come around. (Tingling does not count.)

I think I'm too old for Facebook. And way too old to "twitter." I could break a hip.

(P.S. I liked your camp story a lot! Forgot to comment.)

Mickey Dubrow said...

The best thing I've read about drug side effects was the essay "Side Effects" by Steve Martin.

Facebook has somehow become a thing for the 30 to 50 crowd- don't ask me why. But as far as twitter goes, I'm with you. I don't want to waste that much time.