Saturday, January 3, 2009

Road to inauguration. Part 15

Some of the things keeping Obama awake at night: The Trillion Dollar Deposit, The Growing Unemployment, and The Mideast Violence.

Meanwhile...Bush stares fondly at a photo of Karl Rove and remembers all the fun they had helping create the things that keep Obama up at night.

And...Cheney reveals to the world that not only does he have a gay lover, he recycles as well. (Don't you wish it were true.)


jessica said...

Oh, the monstros. The green one just freaks me right out. And the photo of Cheney.

Mickey Dubrow said...

The Cheney photo is the first one I've posted that actually scares me a little. Like perhaps I went a bit too far, but really its no different from the rest of the jokes.

Sparkle Plenty said...

Ah, Mickey. Keep 'em rollin'! You're in the home stretch now.

(And, thanks to you I now know what a coyote date is. My education is so sorely lacking.)

Mickey Dubrow said...

I used to think coyote dates only applied to guys, but many women have told me how they too have woken up next to some ugly guy they slept with because of too much alcohol the night before and wanted to chew their arm off to get away.

Sparkle Plenty said...

I was all bubbling with discovery over the term yesterday, and I told my friend. First he thought I meant "cougar date"--as in rapacious older woman Mrs. Robinson type. Then, he kept insisting, "Why couldn't it be called 'rat date'? They'd chew a leg off, too!'"