Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Road to inauguration. Journey's end.

Obama is sworn in and the country rejoices!

Meanwhile...Bush doesn't get the welcome home reception in Texas that he expected.


Sparkle Plenty said...

HOORAY! A triumphant ending.

Or...is it? (In the fine tradition of horror films we see Dick Cheney's clawed hand rising up out of a swamp...)

Mickey Dubrow said...

Or flying in on a jet powered wheelchair.

I had this weird fear that the day before the inauguration, that Bush and Cheney would try some last second trick like declaring martial law.

Nancy said...

I was putzing around the net and came accross this. Very funny old friend. My family danced a jig when 43 returned to Texas. I can't wait to show this to my sons. They will love it.

D. Long

Dave said...

Well, I ran accross this today just putzing around the net. Very funny old friend. My family danced a jig when 43 checked out.

D. Long (former BHS student)

Mickey Dubrow said...

Dave, great to hear from you! Hope the wife and kids are doing well. Your boys must be all grown up by now or close to it.

Nancy said...

I am glad I ran accross your site. Sorry for the two posts, I wasn't sure the first one sent. I was a blog virgin until yesterday, and a bit awkward at it. It is good to find my old friend too. Yes the boys turn 21 next month and all of us are great! If there is a way to exchange e-mail addresses without sharing them with the world it would be great to catch up that way.

Mickey Dubrow said...

I'll give you my email address and then I'll get yours after you email me.