Saturday, December 13, 2008

Road to inauguration. Part 6

Obama discovers a pothole in his road to inauguration when the world finds out that Governor Blagojevich was trying to sell Obama's Senate seat to the highest bidder.

Meanwhile...Bush discovers that if you turn a W upside down, it becomes an M.


jessica said...

Link Frank Rich's NYT column today about Blagojevich as the farce that wraps up this legacy of corruption!

PS. LOVE the hair.

jessica said...

Yeah, but Dubya's SO hip with those fingerless gloves he appears to be wearing. Maybe they're to fend off shoes thrown by Iraqi journos?

Mickey Dubrow said...

Maybe the Iraqi journalist threw the shoes at Bush because he thought Bush needed some fab kicks to replace the boring penny loafers he was wearing.

Sparkle Plenty said...

I'm way behind in your awesome Road to Inauguration series, but I'm loving catching up!

First, I've got a dolorous and out-of-context comment--no need to post it. I'm so so so so sorry about Gracie. Your neighbors are assclowns. Clueless assclowns. This ain't gonna help, but it's true: many cats run away to die. That's likely why she didn't come home.

Okay, now I'll pull myself together, stop wanting to bite your neighbor, and slope off to catch up on the "Road."* Again: SORRY.

*So delightful a title, as it reminds me of Bob and Bing.

Mickey Dubrow said...

Thank you for your comment about Gracie. You don't have to be a cat lover to think my neighbor is fucked up. And you may be right about why Gracie ran away.

I'm having fun with the Obama dioramas. Of course, reality is funnier than anything I come up with. Ducking a shoe in Baghdad. Bob and Bing never had to deal with that.

jessica said...

Who's going to make the t-shirts with a flying pair of men's shoes on it? No writing, just the iconic message?

I'd buy one if it were well designed.