Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Time: 2007
Place: Chattanooga, TN

I wasn’t a Quiet Riot fan, but I loved that the lead singer, Kevin Dubrow, and I had the same last name. There are plenty of Dubrows out in the world and I’m sure we’re not all related, but most if not all of us are Jewish. Same last name and religion, that’s a lot to have in common.

I asked my father once if there was any chance we were related to Kevin. Dad shrugged his shoulders. Either he didn’t know or he didn’t much care if we shared family blood with a guy who made his living shouting into a microphone while wearing a zebra-stripped spandex leotard.

Years later, Dad read in the paper that Kevin Dubrow had died of an overdose.

“Did you hear about this guy, Kevin Dubrow?” Dad asked. “He was in a rock band called Quiet Riot."

"Sure," I said. "He just recently died."

" Are you related to him?” Dad asked.

What a surreal question. My father asked me if I was related to somebody.

“I don’t know,” I said. “If he’s related to me, there’s a damn good chance he’d be related to you too.”

Dad shrugged his shoulders.

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jessica said...

You don't look like him. Kevin D., I mean, not your dad. Maybe a little around the eyes? :)