Friday, July 4, 2008

Talking to Mom

I love my mother for many reasons. I love how she takes logic and loops it and twists it around. When she gets done talking, everything she said makes sense, but you're not sure how she got there. Here is a small example: a short telephone conversation she had with my wife.

Mom: “I’ve been reading Barbara Walters’ memoir. You know, 'Audition.'”

Wife: “Oh yeah. I’ve heard a lot about it. How do you like it?”

Mom: “I don’t like it at all.”

Wife: “Why not?”

Mom: “It’s about Barbara Walters.”


Sparkle Plenty said...

HAH! I love it.

re: the Dennis post--I meant to comment on that last week. VERY funny. And yet, poignant. My fervent hope is that Dennis is now married to a super model (and/or just a great gal) and gets to re-enact his frustrating dream regularly--but with a happy ending and no vagina breasts (I'm not a guy, but I just think that a VB would be off-putting--unless it has some kind of "Star Wars alien bar stripper" or "the more breasts, the merrier" allure).

Mickey Dubrow said...

Dennis has had the opportunity to investigate many women since he had the dream and now knows that the vagina breast, like the easter bunny, is just an imaginary creature.

Jilly said...