Saturday, July 12, 2008

More answer to all our questions

More examples to how the statement "no matter what the question, Jesus is the answer" can be applied to the questions we ask.


jessica said...

That last one hit hard.

No Name Me said...


I am catching up on blogs, since somewhere two months ago I lost my mind with stupid editing stuff and shut down completely to the outside world.

We went to see Hellboy: Not nearly as good as the first (I LOVED the first). II seemed oddly scattered and underdeveloped in a way and (I can't believe I'm going to say this) there were too many monsters. But maybe I am being hard on the writer. Hell, I couldn't write it better!

I DO love Hellboy, though.

Mickey Dubrow said...

I've heard the same complaint about Hellboy II from others- the the movie had too many monsters and not enough plot. I guess its going to be a rental for me.

I love Hellboy too, but I've really fallen hard for the companion comic book series called "B.P.R.D." which features all the other characters who work with Hellboy.

I saw the "Precious" website. Looks fantastic.