Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Little Known Biblical Fact No. 8

It has recently been discovered that one of Jacob's concubines was an eye witness to his wrestling match with an angel. The concubine provided a detailed description of the angel's physical appearance and the strange words he spoke to Jacob prior to the match. Above is an artist's interpretation of what the concubine saw and heard that amazing night.

Note: the artist was asked to omit one of the angel's proclamations until further study could be done. The omitted statement was: "You win, Imma gonna call ya Israel. You lose, Imma gonna call ya muh bitch!"


Sparkle Plenty said...

Yes. The artist is safest omitting that statement until its veracity can be established. Otherwise, there might be the risk of being smited. Or smoted. Or smitethed. Or something.

Thank you for continuing to reveal these Little Known Biblical Facts.

Jayne said...

I found your blog through Sparkle.

It is very entertaining.

Mickey Dubrow said...

Thank you, Jayne.

I think Sparkle's blog is a hoot, though I often find myself feeling sad for the plastic dinosaurs when they are easily outsmarted by the robots.

jessica said...

Is THAT where the Freakin' Deacon got his outfit?

I'm with Sparkle on the smiting. Smoting. Smity-ness.

Leaving stuff out pending clarification, or just for general adherence to larger narrative, is probably Biblical in origin. Or at least goes back to Annie Dillard. Heh.