Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Best TV Slogan Ever

Time: 1998
Place: Atlanta, GA

I was visiting my sister and her family. Her two children lived on the top floor of their house and they had their own TV set. My niece was eight years old at the time. She kept the TV set on Cartoon Network and refused to watch any other channel.

When I went upstairs to say hello to my niece, I found her sitting on the couch, watching Cartoon Network. However, she wasn’t happy about what was on. She glared at the screen with obvious disgust. I looked to see what was so offensive. She was watching a Speed Racer cartoon.

I was doing some freelance work for Cartoon Network at the time. I remembered that they had just purchased the Speed Racer shows and to drum up interest in the cartoon, Cartoon Network was running a 24 hour Speed Racer Marathon on this day.

“Do you like this cartoon?” I asked my niece.

“No,” she said, “I hate it.”

“Well, this is all they’re going to show today,” I said. “It’s part of a 24 hour marathon.”

My niece frowned. She was way too young to understand what a 24 hour marathon was or how it was going to affect her day. By my calculation, there was another nineteen hours of nothing but Speed Racer to go before any other cartoon would air on Cartoon Network. She then said what I consider to be the best TV slogan ever. Replace Cartoon Network with any other network name and the slogan would work just as well. Here is what she said.

“It’s Cartoon Network. If you watch long enough, something good will come on.”


Sparkle Plenty said...

HA! Ya know, it really, truly would make the Best TV Slogan Ever.
shakes head in awe
Pshaw. Girl genius!

Ad agencies would do well to adopt similar slogans. "Noodleoons: Don't Worry--The Other Ones Don't Taste Like This One."

Somehow, this strikes my fancy.
"Water is good for you, and Pepsi is like water, just different. Try our different water: Pepsi."

Mickey Dubrow said...

This is a bit different, but the two most inappropriate slogans I've ever heard suggested (though not seriously) were from promo producers working on cartoons.

First, there was the guy trying to promote a Porky Pig cartoon who came up with- "Porky- the other white meat."

Then, there was the woman working on a Woody the Woodpecker cartoon show that aired in the morning, who came up with- "Wake up with a Woody."

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