Thursday, January 17, 2008

Shooting Baskets

Time: 1983
Place: Atlanta, GA

When I hung out at the Clermont Lounge, the strippers didn’t wear garter belts. They didn’t need them. Guys did not walk up to the stage and slip dollar bills into a stripper’s garter belt, because the strippers worked on a small circular stage behind a similarly shaped bar. When someone wanted to tip a stripper, they leaned over the bar with a dollar bill in their outstretched hand. The stripper also leaned out to reach her money.

I was at the lounge one afternoon when a lanky blonde-haired stripper was dancing on the stage. Instead of leaning over the bar, some of the guys folded up their dollar bills into a tight triangle and then tossed the bill to the stripper. They had made paper footballs out of their dollar bills.

The guys had tossed plenty of dollar footballs to the stripper, when one guy said, “Hey, Susie, make a basket.”

Susie squatted down and held the front of her panties. The guy tossed his dollar football and it landed neatly into Susie’s panties. His buddies congratulated him on “scoring a basket.”

His success led to a basket shooting frenzy. Everybody wanted a chance to score. Some tossed their dollar footballs; others were more adventurous and “kicked” their dollar football by holding it upright on the bar with the index finger of one hand and flicking it with their other index finger. Susie didn’t look happy about being the basket, but she didn’t complain since she was making good money. The only thing she refused to do was toss a dollar football back after a miss. Apparently, Susie didn’t believe in do-overs.

The game was going fine with more baskets made than missed when one of guys ran out of dollar bills and decided to use a silver dollar instead. He slung the coin towards Susie’s basket, but he aimed a little too high and a little too hard. The coin hit Susie just below her belly button, bounced off and landed in the bottom of her panties. The unexpected pain shocked her and she quickly reached down into her panties to see what hit her. Susie pulled out the silver dollar and stared at it in disbelief.

“A fucking coin?” Susie shouted. “You son of a bitch!”

Susie threw the coin hard and fast at the guy. The silver dollar hit him right between the eyes. When it bounced off his head, it sounded the same as when you thump a cantaloupe to check its ripeness. The coin left a red welt on the guy’s forehead.

“That’s it,” Susie said, “No more baskets.”

Susie continued to dance and strip, but no matter how much the guys begged her, she refused to make her panties into a basket. They quickly gave up and glared at the guy who threw the silver coin. He was so embarrassed that he folded up into himself, hunching his shoulders and staring down at his beer.

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