Sunday, September 23, 2007

Time For This One To Come Home

Time: 2000
Place: Atlanta, Georgia


No Name Me said...

Oh, My. Flying turtles? I'd believe most things, really...

I had this idea that maybe the old woman made a purse of the turtle. An older friend in GA (she's over 65) said that back in her day they used to make purses from opossum shells. Now when I see a dead possum, I try to decide whether I deem it "purse worthy."

Your line work is really nice.

No Name Me said...

Oh my God you totally need to correct me and post this. See what happens to a city girl living in the country? I didn't mean 'possum shells but armadillo shells! Geesh. Someone needs to shoot me or give me a basic scientific overview on the differences. Where is Phil when I need him? Working!


Mickey Dubrow said...

J. tells me that armadillos are opossums on the half shell.